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Frequently Asked Question's

How many rolls do I need?
To find the total square feet of wall space to be covered, multiply the length of your walls by the height, then divide that total by 22 to determine the number of single rolls. However, it is best to have your installer measure as there are many variables to consider such as pattern repeat, design match, room layout, etc.

Can I hang over old wallpaper?
No, I don't recommend it. That said, if you still insist on hanging over the existing wallcovering, it will need to be sealed to prevent moisture from reactivating the old adhesive then primed with a wallcovering primer.

Are there 'environmentally friendly' wallcoverings?
Yes. Natural plant fiber products such as grasscloth. Also, Warner Wallcoverings has the EASY-WALLS line of high performance, non-woven and vinyl free wallcoverings.

What is sizing?
This is an old product that is nothing more than diluted paste that is applied to the wall prior to hanging. I prefer to use an acrylic primer/sealer like Zinsser's Shieldz Universal Pre-Wallcovering Primer.

What do the instructions mean by "booking"?
"Booking" is allowing the wallcovering time to expand after adhesive or water has been applied. If the wallpaper hasn't been "booked" for the required time before hanging, bubbles or wrinkles may appear after the wallpaper has been hung.

How do I repair loose wallpaper?
If you have a loose corner or seam, I recommend using Zinsser's SureGrip Seam & Repair Adhesive, wallpaper adhesive or border adhesive, and not craft or Elmer's glue.