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Wallpaper Installation
Steve specializes in hanging all types of residential wallcoverings. This includes screenprints, grasscloth, murals, cloth-backed & paper-backed vinyls, non-woven, prepasted, unpasted, untrimmed and much more.

Wallpaper Removal
While some wallcoverings can be easy to remove, older wallpapers or wallcoverings not installed correctly, can be difficult to remove. Hiring a professional can save time, money and grief.

Repair & Smooth Walls
Wall damage repaired, and textured walls skim coated and sealed prior to the installation of wallcoverings. Existing wall texture, cracks and holes, if not repaired, will be visible on the surface of your new wallcoverings.

The key to a successful wallcovering installation is wall preparation. Proper wall prep will insure the wallpaper stays tight and removes more easily in the future.

"Professionally installed wallcoverings not only add impact and elegance to your home, but will maintain their beauty for many years."